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Android MuMu Emulator

Android – MuMu Emulator

Currently, stomper is only supported for android devices that have been rooted. To use Stomper on Android device, please use the emulator we recommend, such as Mumu Player or Nox. The easiest stomper installation process is Mumu Emulator.

Install Stomper Root Certificate

Each stomper package is always given a different certificate file. For this tutorial, I will provide an example of installing certificates on a Trial Stomper. Download Trial Stomper and extract the zip file. Inside the zip file is the certificates folder. You will find 2 certificate files for different devices, Android and iOS.

Open the emulator and make sure the emulator is rooted. Stomper requires root access to install certificates into the Android system. In this tutorial I use MuMu App Player.

Install Root Certificate Manager(ROOT) from Google Play or apkpure.com. Import Certificate to MuMu Emulator. The correct way to import certificate files into MuMu emulator are:

  • Open the ‘Share file‘ first.
  • Move the VPN file and certificate folder to the ‘MuMuSharedFolder‘ folder.
Go back to MuMu App Player, open Root Certificate Manager and import the certificate file.
  • Choose Import from SD Card
  • Make sure Show SD Card is enabled
  • Select Internal Storage from the hamburger menu.
  • Choose $MumuSharedFolder – Cert Folder – and select android-certificate (the .cer file)
  • In Examine Certificate menu pop up, choose Import and Ok
  • Make sure mitmproxy it’s installed. Scroll down and make sure mitmproxy has appeared.
  • Certificate installation process has been completed.
A more detailed procedure is in the video.

Install VPN Profile

simplest way

To connect to the Stomper server, you need to install the OpenVPN Connect – Fast & Safe SSL VPN Client or OpenVPN for Android. The way to import profile is almost the same.

  • Open Import Profile and choose File
  • Select ‘$MuMuSharedFolder‘ and choose ovpn file. Import!
  • The Import VPN Profile process with ‘OpenVPN Connect’ has been completed.

Install VPN Profile

recommended way

The reason behind why using OpenVPN for Android is usage restriction feature for certain apps. We can set to Only Summoners War can connect to the stomper server.

  • Download and open OpenVPN for Android.
  • Import Stomper profile via ‘Add Profile’.
  • Choose ‘Import’
  • Select Stomper VPN Profile and click ‘Add Profile’
  • Click ‘edit button’ to edit the connection profile
  • Go to ‘Allowed App Tab’. If the tab is not visible, scroll left.
  • Disable ‘VPN is used for all apps but exclude selected‘ so so the menu change to ‘VPN is used for only the selected apps’.
  • Scroll down and select Summoners War
  • Click Return and VPN profile installation has been completed.

Connect VPN and Open Summoners War

Done! Give it a try and see how it can improve your online experience.