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Knowledge Base


General Questions

We know that some of you may have a lot of questions about the hack, how it works, and what you can and can’t do. So here’s a recap of the most common questions we’ve been asked.
In short terms, Summoners Stomper is a hack for Summmoners War that actually works. It has been designed to be as stealthy as possible, in fact you could use it even without installing modified Summoners War on your phone.

Summoners Stomper focuses on your experience and keeps things running smoothly. That’s why we do hacks with VPN, because we avoid modifying the Summoners War app.

Check out our step by step guide here: Step by Step guide

Well, honestly, this is a good question.

If you don’t mind being banned, just use MOD APK or GameGuardian, or even both. The problem is; that method will permanently ban your account, and that’s for sure.

We spent times reversing Summoners War APK for Android, and we assure you that Com2Us has at least 2 API calls to their servers to log abnormal behavior on your phone (e.g. rooted device, using emulator, changing and modify memory, use speed hacks, etc). And actually under their code, there is a function to record your screen.

Of course not, they will ban anything too unreal in their logs. But it’s heuristically based and you’ll be fine as long as you don’t do anything unrealistic. Our team and our subscribers has been using it every day for over two years and has never been banned for a day. We will post some guides on how to use our hacks and you will never get banned.

If you care about your progress, Summoners Stomper is the way to hack.

Our prices are based on the in-game content you can purchase. Basically, if you buy the VIP Stomper package, you can complete the TOA(N/Hard/Hell) easily. And if you are early in the game, you can safely complete the Normal TOA and get these rewards:

Energy: 50
Crystals: 700
Mana: 546,750
3★ MAX Rainbowmon: 1
4★ MAX Rainbowmon: 1
Summoning Stones: 80
Mystical Scrolls: 3
L&D Scrolls: 1
Legendary Scrolls: 1
Devilmon: 1

According to this conversion rate you’d earn:

Crystals: 700*$0.0333 = $23.31
Mana: (546,750/2,100)*$0.0333 = $8.66
Summoning Stones: 80*$0.05 = $4.00
Mystical Scrolls: 3*$2.50 = $7.50
L&D Scrolls: 1*$5 = $5.00
Legendary Scrolls: 1*$28.57 = $28.57
Total: $77.04

Only one device that you can use. But we do not limit how many accounts can use Stomper.

There is still a usage limit. You can only use it for 1 userid in Summoners War. For device limitation there is no limit. The limit only includes the number of times a user has played in a certain area. Details of area restrictions can be seen here.

Summoners War will return to normal. The enemy became strong again.

Yes, usually once a month. But usually we do a reset at will. It could be every two days we do a reset, or a year..

Restrictions will be reset. Stomper allows users to use this methode.

iOS and Mumu Android Emulator.

Every Google device that has unlocked boot loader (without Verizon) or a device you can be certain it can be easily rooted and unlocked. Cheap Google phones 64 bit: Nexus 5x/6p. Better phones – Pixel 1/2 (not Verizon). Most of these phones can be bought for about 50$-60 $US, used. Just search on eBay or craigslist, or search on your local online merchant.