How to Install Root Certificate on Android

Learn how to install a root certificate on Android devices, either through an emulator or on non-rooted Android devices. Follow the instructions below to ensure secure connections and enhanced privacy.

For Emulator Users

Recommended Emulators:

  • MuMu Emulator: MuMu Emulator provides a smooth Android gaming experience on your PC. It’s widely used for playing mobile games like Summoners War and offers features like key mapping and multiple instances.
  • Bluestacks 5: Bluestacks 5 is another popular Android emulator known for its performance and compatibility with a wide range of apps and games. It’s ideal for users looking to run Android apps on their PC with ease.

How to Install Root Certificate:

Follow the detailed guide on installing a root certificate on Android Emulator provided in this post for MuMu and this post for Bluestacks. Ensure that you have root access on your emulator to complete the installation process successfully.

For Android No Root

Unfortunately, installing a root certificate on a non-rooted Android device is not possible due to security restrictions imposed by the Android operating system. Root certificates require elevated privileges that can only be obtained through rooting, which involves modifying the device’s system files.

Solution: VphoneGaGa

VphoneGaGa: VphoneGaGa is an Android virtualization app that allows users to create a virtual Android environment on their device. It’s designed to provide a secure and isolated space for running Android apps without the need for rooting. However, not all devices are compatible with VphoneGaGa, and its functionality may vary depending on your device’s specifications.

While VphoneGaGa offers a workaround for installing root certificates on non-rooted devices, it’s essential to note that its compatibility and effectiveness may vary. Users are encouraged to research and verify compatibility with their device before attempting to use VphoneGaGa as a solution.

Download VphoneGaGa in here.

How to Install Root Certificate:

Follow the detailed guide on installing a root certificate on VphoneGaGa provided in this post.


Installing a root certificate on Android devices is crucial for ensuring secure connections and protecting your privacy. Emulator users can follow the detailed guide provided for MuMu Emulator or Bluestacks 5, while non-rooted Android users may explore alternative solutions like VphoneGaGa, bearing in mind its compatibility limitations. Choose the method that best suits your needs and enjoy a safer browsing experience on your Android device.

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