How to Install the Stomper Root Certificate on MuMu App Player 6

Installing the Stomper root certificate on the MuMu App Player 6 is essential for secure connections. Follow this detailed guide to complete the process.


Before we start, ensure you have the following:

  • MuMu App Player 6 installed and running.
  • Root access enabled on your MuMu emulator.
  • Android 7 (Nougat) or later.
  • Internet access.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install the Stomper Root Certificate

Step 1: Verify Root Access

Ensure that your MuMu emulator has root access. This is crucial for installing certificates into the Android system.

Step 2: Download and Install Root Certificate Manager (ROOT)

You need the Root Certificate Manager app to import the certificate file. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store or visit
  • Search for “Root Certificate Manager (ROOT)”.
  • Download and install the app.

Step 3: Download the Stomper Certificate

Obtain the Stomper certificate file from the following sources:

  • From the cert folder in your VPN zip file.
  • If you can’t find the certificate file, download it from here.

Ensure the downloaded file has a .cer extension.

Step 4: Share the Certificate File with MuMu Emulator

  • Open the ‘Share file’ option in the MuMu App Player.
  • Move the VPN file and certificate folder to the ‘MuMuSharedFolder’ folder on your computer.
  • Return to the MuMu App Player to access the shared folder.

Step 5: Import the Certificate in MuMu Emulator

  • Open the Root Certificate Manager app in MuMu.
  • Import the Certificate File:
    1. Tap on “Import from SD Card”.
    2. Enable “Show SD Card” if it’s not already enabled.
    3. Open the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and select “Internal Storage”.
    4. Navigate to $MuMuSharedFolder.
    5. Select the android-stomper-certificate.cer file.
  • Examine and Confirm the Certificate:
    • When the “Examine Certificate” menu pops up, choose “Import” and then “OK”.

Step 6: Verify Certificate Installation

  • Scroll down in the Root Certificate Manager app.
  • Ensure the XStomper Certificate appears in the list.
  • The certificate installation process is now complete.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter issues during the installation, consider these tips:

  • File Sharing Issues: Make sure the files are correctly placed in the MuMuSharedFolder. Restart the emulator if necessary.
  • Root Access Problems: Verify that root access is enabled in the emulator settings. Reinstall the Root Certificate Manager app if needed.
  • Certificate Not Appearing: Ensure the .cer file is not corrupted and is the correct file. Re-download if necessary.
  • Certificate Not Appearing: Ensure you are using Android 7.

Summary (TL;DR)

For a quick overview, here are the essential steps:

  1. Verify that MuMu emulator has root access and is running Android 7 (Nougat).
  2. Download and install Root Certificate Manager (ROOT) from Google Play or
  3. Obtain the Stomper certificate file (.cer) from the provided sources.
  4. Share the certificate file with the MuMu emulator using the ‘MuMuSharedFolder’.
  5. Open the Root Certificate Manager app in MuMu and import the certificate file.
  6. Verify that the XStomper Certificate is installed.

By following these detailed steps, you’ll successfully install and verify the Stomper root certificate on MuMu App Player 6, ensuring your connections are secure.

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